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Mixed Doubles Club Social Night

Mixed Doubles Club Social Night

Louise Targett16 May - 10:04
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Join us for some fun but competitive tennis

Thursday night is our busy Mixed Doubles Club Social night. Competitive play open to members of a reasonable (+) standard. Matt Dwyer runs these sessions which are often over-subscribed. Mixed (mostly) doubles, banter and the most social (post sweat!) session of the week at the club. A popular session, the bar is more lively than local establishments on a Thursday evening.

Format most weeks is ‘organised’ balanced (with some play up, play down) pairs arranged by Matt in advance. Availability is sought on a Tuesday and pairs released / sent on a Wednesday. Sessions are 1.5 hours of duration with starting times starting at 17:00, 17:30, 18:00, 18:30, 19:00, 19:30 and a final session at 20:00. Lights and music provided by the club, balls and banter provided by members!

Every 3rd or 4th week Matt runs a similar format but as a ‘rock-up’ so one can turn up anytime they wish throughout the evening with no need to provide availability. The rock-up sessions tend to be 45 mins duration where you can play 1 session or as many as you wish. Matt on a ‘rock-up’ organises the pairs on-the-spot rolling throughout the evening.

Dinner, supper is also on offer through ‘Ollie the Chef’ – main and an optional dessert. Food served circa 18:30 through to late – if you play the last session at 20:00, you won’t miss out on dinner as it is served as and when you are ready. Prices and requests for supper / dessert are made through the ‘Thursday RLTC Supper Club’ WhatsApp group. Club members - please message Matt with your mobile number to be added to the group.

To be included on the Mixed Doubles Club Social night list, message Matt. This group is also run via a WhatsApp group.

If you are interested in joining our club, and would like to try out a session first, please email our membership secretary, Debra on

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